The Rest of Your Life

℗© 2016 Jared Lutes Music

Executive Producer: Jared Lutes

Recorded at:
catBox Studio, Moncton, New Brunswick. Engineer: Jared Lutes
Pumpkin' Patch Studio, Memramcook, New Brunswick. Engineer: Danny Bourgeois

Mixed and Mastered by Jared Lutes using Apple Logic Pro X™

Photography by Nick Gaines
Graphic Design by Jared Lutes

Cover Artwork by Nick Gaines


Track List:
1. Nothing to Lose
2. Hey Now
3. Make it Up to You
4. Amen
5. I Do (The Wedding Song)
6. The Rest of Your Life
7. She Knows It
8. Slow Burn
9. Charity
10. Somebody Who Loves You
11. Same Mistakes
12. Please Come Back


Musical Credits:

  Vocals A.Guitar E.Guitar Bass Mandolin Drums Piano Harmonica Organ P.Steel Perc
 all all but
 - 3  - 4,5,9,12  3,5 1,2,7,
 -  ?

all but

 -  -  - -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Alayna Trauzzi  12  -  - - - -  -  -  - -  -
Danny Bourgeois  -  -  -  - - all but
 -  -  -  -  -
Jacques Belanger  -  - 8  - -  -  -  -  -  -  -
 -  -  - all -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Jock Downes  -  -  11  - -  -  -  -  -  -  -
 -  -  -  - -  -  -  -  - 10  -

Mike Bourgeois

 -  - 1,5,9,10  - -  -  -  -  -  -


Isaiah Lutes-Poitras

2 -  -  - -  -  -  - - -  -

1. Nothing to Lose (J.Lutes)

You been living like a lovely girl should
A little trouble might do you good
Those uptown boys they’ve been getting you down
You need the right kind of night on the wrong side of town
Tell me now baby I’m the one that you choose
Play me like a wild card
You’ve got nothing to lose

You wanna roll with a better kind of man
Well I ain’t the worst that you ever had
We can dance all night in the middle of the room
Show me right now everything you wanna do
Come on now baby take a walk in my shoes
Give me a reaction
You’ve got nothing to lose

Hey sweet baby
You got me feeling so right I could never do you wrong
Hey little lady
I been looking for a kind of woman like you so long

I’m begging on my knees - give me something I can use
You can have it all now
You’ve got nothing to lose


2. Hey Now (J.Lutes)

I’ve been trying to write
All through this lonely night
But all my words just fall to pieces
I’m barely hanging on
Ever since you’ve been gone
Your final kiss just left me speechless
There’s a time I’m waiting for
When you walk back through my door

Hey now, hey now
Oh let me tell you something
I never meant to go and make you cry
Hey now, hey now
Just come a little closer
Follow your heart and let me change your mind

And we were moving fast
But we were built to last
Heating up as every night got colder
You said, “Forget the past”
I thought you’d never ask
It was on but now it’s over
You whispered in my ear
I heard it loud and clear


All the horses and the king’s men
Can’t take back the things that we said
This life that we created
It got so complicated
You’ll write the final chapter
I hope you’re happy ever after


3. Make it Up to You (J.Lutes)

Hey baby let me whisper in your ear
Maybe it’s something that you want to hear
Oh darling at the risk of sounding insincere
I haven’t been there like you want me to
But I will, I will, I will make it up to you

You know we haven’t really talked in days
Sometimes it’s like we’re going separate ways
There’s really no one else here but myself to blame
I never saw it from your point of view
But I will, I will, I will make it up to you

Tell me baby
Tell me what you’re thinking, show me what you can’t explain
Call me crazy
Everything is changing, but you and I are still the same
Oh you can save me
Give me a direction; show me there’s another way
Something so good is never so easy

I know this love is not the one you planned
But look how far we’ve come since we began
I do appreciate the chance to be your man
Of all the stormy weather we’ve been through
I will, I will, I will make it up to you



Hey baby let me kiss you one more time
You know I’m leaving with the morning light
I promise everything is gonna be alright
You can believe me ‘cause you know it’s true
I will, I will, I will make it up to you
I will, I will, I will make it up to you
And I will, I will, I will make it up to you

4. Amen (J.Lutes)

Leave your cross and this crown of thorns
Where the road to forgiveness begins
Hold me down with your healing hands
As the scars turn to words on my skin
In the name of love and glory
You lose more than you win
I wouldn’t change a single thing

I believed in your crazy dreams
I believed in the faith that you hold
I was down, baby, I was out
On the edge, when you couldn’t save my soul
Passing through on Damascus Avenue
I was waiting for a sign in the sky
But my answers never come so easily

All your saints and angels
Keep you on your knees
Take my hand and stand up in front of me
Leave your prayers unanswered
The sun will rise again
And you will know the truth - it will set you free

Neon light burning through the night
On the bed here still waiting for your call
Crying out to these motel walls
In the end your silence says it all
Of all the pieces we leave behind
You pick your heart and you carry on
It only hurts for a little while


5. I Do (The Wedding Song) (J.Lutes)

I’ll never trade this memory for anything
I wanna hold this moment in my mind
There’s a flower in your hair
There’s a feeling in the air
There’s not a cloud up in the sky
Walk to the music
Say the lines
You rehearsed a thousand times

And I do
For rich and for poor
And I do
For better or worse
And I vow today
That even when we’re old and grey
Darling, I will love you anyway

We haven’t always made it through the easy way
But we always get there in the end
I wanna build a home with you
Maybe have a little one or two
I wanna hold tomorrow in my hands
I might lean on you
When things get bad
Will you take me as I am


And if I ask you
What will you say
Will you marry me today


6. The Rest of Your Life (J.Lutes)

All the things you ever wanted
They were all too hard to find
All the dreams you ever needed
They were all in black and white
Everything you once believed in
Stood you up and let you down
Sometimes you get the feeling
Sometimes you only hear the sound
Of your good intentions falling on your floor
Now you can’t live there anymore

There’s a glow on a new horizon
Will you walk into the light
There’s a new day waiting for you
Somebody needs you tonight
Will you stay on the edge of forever
Or take a step and cross that line
You know it’s now or never
Welcome to the rest of your life

Everyone who tried to reach you
They were all too far behind
All the ones who tried to be you
They could never get so high
From the ones who tried to please you
To the one who had it all
There was nowhere left to climb to
And they could only watch you fall
Like a summer rain running home to the sea
Now all you have is all you need



7. She Knows It (J.Lutes)

I’m the one always on the runMaking time with no destinationNo one’s gotta hold over meMoving on like a rolling stoneI don’t slow down too longTo see what I might be missingSometimes you get what you needWhen you don’t get whatever you wantShe’s easier to loveBut how hard to hold her, I wonder
This time I’m over my head
In too deep, and I think I’m slipping under
I don’t have an explanation
She comes up in every conversation
I’m giving her a little attention
She’s got it all and she knows it

Secret eyes take me by surprise
Hypnotized by a mystery woman
That girl put a spell over me
With a smile and a magic touch
I try to play it cool
But I’m standing next to the fire
If this desire is wrong
Then I don’t wanna ever be right


She knows it, she knows it
She knows she’s burning hotter than fire
She knows it, she knows it
She knows I gotta get closer

8. Slow Burn (J.Lutes)

Day after day you’re making beautiful plans
Time after time they go and fall through your hands
With all of your lessons you still never learn
The fire in your heart that keeps you moving on
Is a slow burn

I saw the light inside you so long ago
Stars in your eyes shining deep in your soul
And I still remember the way that you were
Your sense of direction with nowhere to turn

And every step you take is higher
So many ways you’ve come so far
But even when your heart’s on fire
Never forget who you are
Slow burn

You rise through the sky on the wings of a dream
Where do you land on the days in between
The moments that leave you will never return
But I will be waiting - for what it’s worth


Day after day you’re making beautiful plans
Time after time they just fall through your hands
Out on the highway to fortune and fame
I hope you find yourself along the way

9. Charity (J.Lutes)

And even if the sun and the moon stop their turning
And all of the stars tumble into the ground
And even when the whole world believes that I’m broken
You won’t let me down
One day
From the clear blue it hits you
That maybe you can’t make it on my own
In more ways that one you can lift me
‘Cause I can’t bear the weight all alone

I thank you for all that you give to me
You offer your kindness so easily
You lead this ship to the shore
Now I understand what you mean to me
You handle this poor heart so carefully
You carry me back home through the storm

And even if the road leads away from the valley
Until the cold wind brings tears to my eyes
And even when the voice in my head tries to fool me
You tell me no lies
When it’s hard to remember
The faces disappear in your mind
I’ll stay through the long, cold December
Just like you always stood by my side


10. Somebody Who Loves You (J.Lutes)

Staring at the ceiling all night long
Trying to figure out where all it went wrong
Living every line of a sad, sad song
From a broken down radio
Searching for the answers that you already know
Sooner or later, child, you gotta let it go
You pick up all the pieces and you take it slow
And you build it all up again
There is time
For worrying your life away
Save it for another day
It doesn’t matter anyway
You don’t understand
But baby, there’s a reason why
Finally you’ll realize
That it’s  a crazy ride just to be alive

There’s a new wind sweeping you off of your feet
And all the honey on your tongue never tasted so sweet
There’s a pride and joy in all the things that you do
When you find somebody who loves you

Always getting nowhere the harder you try
The further you’re falling the higher you climb
For everything that happens there’s a reason why
Even if you can’t see it now
Losing what you had, now you’re trying to get it back
Sooner or later, child, you gotta understand
The life that you’re given - it’s out of your hands
Like the rain coming down again
And the more you win
The more you know you gotta lose
It doesn’t matter what you do
But still you gotta follow through
And anyone can see
Baby you’ve been running blind
But if you open up your eyes
You will  find me here - waiting all this time


You can spend your time
To make it how it used to be
But then you miss the little things
Living in a memory
Don’t you turn around
Yesterday has come and gone
Together is where we belong
And the way we feel, no it can’t be wrong


If you think that you can then I know that you could
‘Cause a bad-luck dreamer never had it so good
And all the same old places feel like new
When you find somebody who loves you

11. Same Mistakes (J.Lutes / D.Perry)

I don’t know anymore just what we were thinking
We held the fire in our hands for too long
Right underneath our feet this ship has been sinking
The water’s creeping in and the band just plays on

We know the reasons why the rain won’t stop falling
(Same mistakes)
And still we close our eyes and rush into the storm
The sun is climbing high, and mercury’s rising
(Same mistakes)
Oh no you can’t deny the lines on the wall

Can’t find the answers when you’re part of the problem
It won’t be easy, we don’t have to pretend
It all adds up when you get something for nothing
And one way or another you’re gonna pay it all in the end


The writing on wall….
But is it coming through….
It’s not what you say
It’s what you do

12. Please Come Back (J.Lutes / A.Trauzzi)

   I’m done acting like I don’t care
   I’m done pretending that you’re still there
  I’m done crying so many tears
  I’m done hiding from all these fears
   Told me to let go, but I just can’t
   I’m taking this so slow

   We crashed on the waves in the storm
   And now I’ve been washed to the shore
   But you’re still out there on the ocean
   You’re moving further and further away
   Baby please come back this way
   So please come back to me

  I’m still chasing this pain I feel
  I’m still waiting, for time to heal
  I’m done wishing I could just rewind
  Say goodbye just one more time
  Told me to let go, but I’m holding on    
  I’m taking this so slow