Lionheart Soul

℗© 2015 Jared Lutes Music

Executive Producer: Jared Lutes
Consultation by Jacques Belanger, Marie-Josée Poitras, Jon Arsenault, Mike Lemieux

Recorded at:
Woodenstool Studio, Salisbury, New Brunswick. Engineer: Jon Arsenault
Parkindale Hall, Parkindale, New Brunswick. Engineer: Jon Arsenault
JL Studio, Moncton, New Brunswick. Engineer: Jared Lutes

Mixed and Mastered by Jared Lutes using Apple Logic Pro X™

Photography by Alyssa Martin
Graphic Design by Jared Lutes

Cover Artwork by Bernard Levesque

Track List:
1. Lionheart Soul
2. Dear, Ophelia
3. Find Me Waiting
4. This Kind of Love
5. Where You Are (Reprise)
6. Wherever You May Go
7. Second Hand Blues
8. Run Baby, Run (Acoustic)
9. Long Way to Heaven
10. Sometimes
11. Through the Long Night


  Vocals Acoustic Electric Bass Dobro Drums Piano Violin Accord. Organ P.Steel Perc


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1. Lionheart Soul (J.Lutes)

Don't say that you've done everything
Before you’ve even tried
I know you that you can do anything
When you make up your mind

Show them your lion heart
Paint a picture with your battle scars
And you won't be giving up
That’s just not your way
And even when it's hopeless
There’s one shining moment
You don't know the strength that you hold
In your Lionheart Soul

And when the world leaves you mystified
And you carry on alone
You’ve done more than you realize
More than you know

Over and over you fight like a soldier
The sun shines upon you from a c-major sky
The higher the stakes the more your heart aches
But you can't hit the heights if you don't make the climb


2. Dear, Ophelia (J.Lutes)

The sun is coming up and the night is gone
I’m waiting on your smile but it won’t be long
Running over every thing I want to say, but every other word getting in the way
When I don’t remember all my lines, you just read my mind

Dear, Ophelia I’ve been searching for all the words to make you mine
The message that I’m sending was always there between the lines
That I, can’t live this life for anyone but you
Dear, Ophelia do you feel the way I do

You’re making me believe that I can’t go wrong
You took a little spirit and you made it strong
Now I’m spending every single day with you, watching every thing you say and do
All the little things that make me smile - you don’t have to try

And even when I close my eyes I’m wide awake / It’s you I’m dreaming of
All the mountains and the oceans in the way
I don’t want to think about it / I can’t live without it
I’m just a fool for your love


3. Find Me Waiting (J.Lutes)

So many ways to tell how I feel
So many words just floating in the air
I guess there’s never a good place to start
In the story of your heart    
I can’t believe just how far you’ve run
And I’ve been here standing still
When I’m just a star in your crowded sky
And no one else can guide you home, you know that I will

You will always find me waiting
When the world never has the time
If your fire inside is fading
You can shine this little light of mine

I want to be the one who keeps your secrets
I want to know what makes you laugh and cry
I’ll be around when you’re coming down
And when you’re flying so high
I’m not the one who will lead you on
Into the city of your dreams
The road ahead will be yours instead
And if you find yourself stumbling, you can count on me


And like a star in the northern sky
You’ll always know where I’ll be
I let you go when you needed more
Now I’m counting down the days ‘til you come back to me


4. This Kind of Love (J.Lutes)

You said, ”Take me with you,“ as I wiped the tears from your eyes
I can’t believe how my heart skips a beat when you cry
Please, stay in the arms of this paradise where you belong
Here, from the edge of the ocean is where I’ll be sailing alone

I let your hands fall
As I stepped into the rain
Will you forgive me
If I come this way again
And if the years that pass from now ‘til then
Are kind enough to let me live
I won’t find
This kind of love

We met on the outskirts of higher society ways
The son of a farmer and a gentleman’s daughter embraced
I, knew when you told me you loved me, how this would all end
Life, is tragic and beautiful, and over before it begins



5. Where You Are (J.Lutes)

I can never find a way to say goodbye
Maybe I'm afraid of your reply
I was never one to be so strong
So tell me if I linger here too long
Too long

I have walked the crowded streets
Let the ocean kiss my feet
I have counted every star
From the Rocky Mountain heart
All the places I have seen
On the highway of my dreams
But none as beautiful as where you are

I remember every single word you said
Your voice running circles in my head
You told me I was better than this town
Now I'm trying not to go and let you down
You down


I can never find a way to say hello
Even when I'm standing at your door
You know that I can never leave again
So maybe I'm afraid you'll let me in
Let me in



6. Wherever You May Go (J.Lutes)

If you wait for me you will never be alone
I will follow you wherever you may go

If I beg you to stay will you leave me in the night
If I tell you to go will you come back into the light
Why you can’t settle down I will never understand
You can lose your way but you’ll never be alone
I will follow you wherever you may go

And we laid in the grass in a blanket of stars
And you howled at the moon and you played your guitar
My body and soul they were water in your hands
If you wait for me you will never be alone
I will follow you wherever you may go

And all those years I watched you climb
But those were all your dreams - not mine
You wouldn’t stay while you made up your mind
And I wouldn’t be your lover on the side
And all those songs I helped you write
With all those words that made up our life:
Out of style, out of miles, out of tears, out of touch
Out of gas, out of cash, out of time, out of love

You can fall out of love, but you’ll never be the same
If you think of me you will never be alone
I will follow you wherever you may go


7. Second Hand Blues (J.Lutes)

I can’t find no peace of mind on this occasion
Since she’s been wailing on and on
I must believe we’ll remedy this situation
Before the last of me is gone
She’s swearing nothing’s wrong, but I’ve been sleeping all alone
I’ve been so broken down and confused
Must be the second hand blues

I always try to compromise and play the good man
I hung my vices on the wall
Now I see this couldn’t be part of my game plan
To have her catch me when I fall
All the sign that I ignored as she got closer to the door
I’ve been a fool and there’s no excuse
I’ve got the second hand blues

I’m burning through my fuse
Anyway I lose
I’m living with the second hand blues
She’s got the sway, ain’t that the way


8. Run Baby, Run (J.Lutes)

She said she loved me more than anything
As her train pulled out of town
I’m not the kind for long goodbyes
She’s not one to settle down
All this time, the fire burned so bright, it left us blind
But I have to try, until she fades before my eyes    

And I told her: Run, baby, run, baby, run
From the love that holds you down
They say you lose and you bruise and you live, to fight another round
If you know that I could never be the one -
Baby run

I knew I wouldn’t get another chance
When she looked at me that night
I was shooting pool in the corner room
She was dancing in the light
In my mind, I remember how she smiled, when I broke the ice
But I couldn’t hide, what she read between the lines


I stay ahead of rain on the Thunder Road
Beating on this old guitar
Said you heard the pain from a mile away
As you listened from the bar
In my life, I try to do what’s right, and I pay the price
But after tonight, I’ll leave the last of her behind  


9. Long Way to Heaven (J.Lutes)

Motor running, keychain swinging
The windows down, and the radio up
You’re beside me, singing sweetly
You know every word to the song in my heart

You make me wanna take the long way to heaven
Make it last til we’re out of gas, on this old country road
You are the chorus of a life worth living
Sing along to every song playing on the stereo:
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la; la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la; la, la, la, la, la

I was blinded, eyes wide open
I was chasing down another man’s dream
I looked up and, you waved me down
You said, ”Anywhere is where I wanna be “


I’ve been falling behind
But every day I’m losing, is another gained with you
We’ll be taking our time
Drinking in these moments, and pouring out these feelings


10. Sometimes (J.Lutes)

Sometimes, alone in my room
I think of you, and the things that you do
I know, it’s just a few days
Til I see your face, and my worries are through

Sometimes, lost in a crowd
I don’t hear a sound - with my head in the clouds
I know, you’ve got places to be
And clients to please, in this dog-eat-dog world

This world can make us so tired if we face it alone
But I’m always inspired, by your voice on the phone

Don’t make believe a few pretty words will make it easy
I will always love you, but you’re not here sometimes


Sometimes, when the night is so cold
And the fear in my grows, you will come home
And like, every time before
In your arms I’m sure, I won’t let you go


11. Through the Long Night (J.Lutes)

I never knew you had such a weight on your mind
There’s an ocean of pain just under your smile
But I know of a light that just won’t fade away
Now we’ve got the moon and the stars, and so many words left to say

Baby, I’ve been telling you that I’m here for the ride
Through the long night
Lately, there’s been a worry in your eyes all the time
I sympathize
But the only to make it right is if we try - through the long night

I used to burn through your mind like the sun
Now the touch of my skin is comfortably numb
But you know that I mean every word that I say
And I know how deep your love goes and I’m getting in over my head