A Perfect World

℗© 2018 Jared Lutes Music

Executive Producer: Jared Lutes

Recorded at:
catBox Studio, Moncton, New Brunswick. Engineer: Jared Lutes
Pumpkin' Patch Studio, Memramcook, New Brunswick. Engineer: Danny Bourgeois

Mixed and Mastered by Jared Lutes using Apple Logic Pro X™

Photography by ?
Graphic Design by Jared Lutes

Cover Art by Jeremy Guimond


Track List:
1. Planets
2. The Riverside
3. A Perfect World
4. Nowhere to Go
5. Break Down the Walls
6. Sing You a Song
7. The Voice of Reason
8. Don't Give Up
9. Lady
10. Pretty Little Thing
11. Can't Tell You Why
12. When My Time Has Come
13. Quand Mon Heure Est La (feat. Marie-Josée Poitras)


Track Music Credits:

  Vocals Guit.Rhy Guit.Solo Keys Bass
Drums Mando Fiddle Harm. Horns
 all tracks all
2,5,6 1,3,6,
all but
- 2,4 - 4 -

all but

 -  -    - -  -  -  - -
Ray Legere -  -  - - - - -  4  - -
Danny Bourgeois  -  -  - -  - 2,3,4,
-  -  - -
Jon Arsenault - - - - - 1,7,11 - - - -
 -  -  - - 1,7 -  -  -  - -
Jock Downes  -  -  10 -  - -  -  -  - -
Sebastien Michaud  -  -  - -  - -  -  -  - 6

Mike Bourgeois

 -  7,8,
-  - -  -  -  - -

Isaiah Lutes-Poitras

-  - -  - -  -  -  - -

1. Planets (J.Lutes)

Venus is beaming on the face of the sky
But she’s got nothing on the light in your eyes
We’ll go to Saturn if it crosses your mind
There’s no better way to spend my time

And the Earth keeps spinning when we try to take it slow
And days will come and go, just like they’ve done before
But the past and future they are easy to forget,
When we’re lying on your bed, with the planets overhead

Comets are falling for you out of the blue
The stars are watching everything that you do
I will remember every night in your room
And every time you fly me to the moon


I’ll turn the key to your heart
As long as you want
But love moves along, and time changes everything
Now that you circle my life
Faster than light
I know that one day you’ll find
Your satellite

So many moments and you’ve only begun
I can’t help wondering what you will become
Nothing will catch you when you learn how to run
But I’ll keep chasing you around the sun


2. The Riverside (J.Lutes)

Close your eyes, and listen to the rhythm
Heavenly voices in the wind
By tonight, all will be forgiven
Come on baby let’s begin
Feel the night, shiver down your backbone
Sweat on your skin, shining by the moon
The time is right, to slip into the unknown
Something’s coming over you
Strange tides pull you in
Then you rise - born again

Take me down to the riverside baby
Bathe my feet and wash my hands
I’ve been sinning a little more lately
Maybe you can understand
Lay me down in the cool holy water
Make it clean, this soul of mine
Hold your tongue, don’t tell your father
Take me to the riverside

One time shy, and twice you’re bitten
Blood runs cold, the scars go deep
Don’t deny, the gifts you’re given
It only matters what you keep
Hold your breath, until your head is spinning
Lay you down between the waves
In the end, there’s always a beginning
Live and love another day
Cold heart, sticks and stones
Can you fix these broken bones


Rains fall, flood the land
Will you save this drowning man


3. A Perfect World (J.Lutes)

If there was a way I could stay I would find it I swear
And I don’t wanna leave with this silence hanging in the air
There's no guarantee that I’ll find what I’m missing out there
I have to keep looking while I’ve got the life left to spare

In a perfect world
I would be all that you needed
But how can I be when you won’t look at me
With the same old eyes
Here we are again
Moving in separate circles
And not close enough just to reach out and touch
Your falling hands

Seems like just one day we’re older - straight out of the blue
With so little time here, it’s crazy what ten years can do
And I tore down the past while I built up a life around you
Where do we take it from here, babe, I don’t have a clue



4. Nowhere to Go (J.Lutes)

Sun on my mind, just as fine
As a July love song
Clouds rolling by in the sky
They won’t rain on me
Please be so kind, pass the wine
I’ve been waiting so long
And there’s nothing there outside your door
Left that I wanna see

Nowhere to go
I’m staying right here
And all of the time going by
No it don’t bother me
Nowhere to go
It’s been a long year
Now I’m back in the arms of the one
Right where I wanna be

There on my own on the road
I was looking for something
Way down below in my soul
I was crying out
All that silver and gold
No it don't mean nothing
And your voice back home on the phone
Well it’s the sweetest sound



5. Break Down the Walls (J.Lutes)

Blood and stone, working all the life away
In too deep, never see the light of day
So you fall in line, until you fall behind
Walking blind, running overtime, til you lose your mind

Heart and soul, fading like a memory
Living for today, ain’t nothing like it used to be
So you give your life, and you walk the line
And you try and try, but you just can’t find, any reason why

While you’re standing, raise your hands and
Break down the walls, break down the walls -
Break down the walls, break down the walls
Don’t close your eyes to, ties that bind you
Break down the walls, break down the walls -
Break down the walls, break down the walls

Stand alone, people moving everywhere
Hang your head, solitary love affair
But you won’t reveal, what’s less  ideal
And you spin your wheels, til it makes you feel, like there’s nothing real


All that affection, and all of the love -
And everything you’ve been dreaming of
All that affection , and all of the love -
It’s all that you need but you can’t get enough


6. Sing You a Song (J.Lutes)

Make no mistake
No, I never had it all figured out
I didn’t know at the time what my life
Was really about
And no beat in my feet
Couldn’t even walk a mile in my shoes
But you give me rhythm
And you take away all of my blues
I waited so long
Waited for so long
To find out where I belong
Now I’m right at home since you came along

When it comes to the love that I’m feeling
I can’t show you enough
But there are times when the lines are uneven
And the edges are rough
When all the right words telling what I’m feeling
They’re all coming out wrong
When I don’t know how say it baby
I’m just gonna sing you a song

And it’s true, only you
Know the feeling that I’m holding inside
There are no secrets or things that I’m able to hide
And the games that we play
It don’t matter if we win or we lose
So many plays I can make, but in the end
You’re the one that I choose
I waited so long
Waited for so long
Found out where I belong
Now I'm right at home since you came along


I waited so longWaited for so longTo find out where I belongNow I’m right at home since you came along


7. The Voice of Reason (J.Lutes)

Then I was a young man, never have my own planWalking with my head in the cloudsNow I’m getting older, weight upon my shouldersTrying to keep my feet on the groundAnd a good defence, and common sense,They just don’t make a soundNo one else will listen when you’re lost in the crowdI will sing my song; til it’s louder and it’s strongI won’t hold my tongue while I’m breathing
When the light is gone, when the right is all wrong
Speak the words you still believe in
With the voice of reason

Somebody to tell you, always trying to sell you
Never give you time to react
Forget about the Old Days, you gotta go your own way
They’re gone and only holding you back
All these angry lines and bad advice
They just rain down on me
It’s hard to keep your distance when you’re part of the scene


8. Don't Give Up (J.Lutes)

I know you gotta leave and I don’t wanna make you stay
I know you got your reasons, it’s something that you can’t explain
I swore that you’d find me never standing in your way
I never stopped believing you’d always make it out someday

Don’t give up
‘cause you are more than good enough
And what you do is what you love
And I know where you’re coming from
I believe
There’s more than this - there has to be
And where’s the life without the dreams
Let them take you back to me

Never any closer, running on the same old ground
Then suddenly you’re older - standing on the edge of town
Another year is over, every time you turn around
Don’t look over your shoulder - nothing there behind you now.


I believe that love will find you
I believe without a doubt
What you need is right inside you
So let it out, let it out

9. Lady (J.Lutes)

What can I say when the words won’t describe you
How can I stay anywhere but beside you
The pull of your gravity still finds its way straight to my bones
There’s nothing left of me I haven’t shown you (Sustained cello notes start)
But all of these years and I still barely know you
The call of your mystery finds its way under my skin
If I really am going crazy
You are  the one who can save me
From the shadows of doubt in my mind
So long
It ain’t so easy to stay strong
You’re only as good as your last song
But I’ll play them all for you

Where would we be now without second chances
This world wasn’t made for the hopeless romantic
I’m too old to change and I’m too young to stay the same
Maybe someday I will come to my senses
American dreaming of white picket fences
And all the ways and everything everyone thought we would be


10. Pretty Little Thing (J.Lutes)

So I was told
In days of old
That a girl on fire will leave you standing in the cold
Now she might look nice
But you gotta think twice
‘cause underneath it all you know she’s cold as ice
So she took my little heart, and she broke it all apart
And I tried to play it smart, but I should’ve taken some advice

But this love of mine
She’s a one of a kind
She got me beaming and day-dreaming all of the time
When I’m lying in bed
Every word she said
Got me spinning, ‘til the blood rush to my head
And I always come around, every time I go to town
She could always let me down, but man it hasn’t happened yet

She’s a high-class, low-cost, fine little piece of creation
The twinkle in her eye shining brighter than a diamond ring
I’m a four-wheel rider, she’s a five-star destination
just can’t hold her enough, she’s my pretty little thing

The stars tonight
Are burning bright
And through the darkness I have finally seen the light
But it would be
A tragedy
If this love left me so blind I couldn’t see
But I know that she is real, in her make-up and her heels
She’s a really big deal for a small-town boy like me


11. Can't Tell You Why (J.Lutes)

Baby come by my side, stay with me just a little while
And let me have some of your time, to say what I gotta say
Since I opened up my eyes, back in 1999
Through the dark I saw the light, in the smile on your face
I know I made you cry, and baby I regret it
Can’t ask you to forget it
I won’t take you for granted anymore

Can’t tell you why, I love you like I do
Even when I try, no the words they won’t come through
Never been so high than I am when I’m with you
I’m feeling so fine, I can’t tell you why

The lights are turning red, baby let’s go home instead
A path of clothes lead to your bed, with the keys in the door
Like an island in the sea, population: you and me
We crash together carefully, like waves on the sand
I don’t care where we go, or if it takes forever
As long as we’re together
With you it’s getting better every day

And if you lead the way then baby I will follow
Whatever comes tomorrow
But one thing that I know is how I feel


12. When My Time Has Come (J.Lutes)

There is a house under silver-blue skies
On acres of gold
Where the river runs into the sea
At the end of the road
We will grow younger
And younger will never grow old
And I’ll wait in the home of your heart
And the heart of your soul

There were times when the fire in my voice
Was misunderstood
But I swear at the end of the day
My intentions were good
If I could change it all
You know that I would
But I played it the way that I know
And the best that I could
There is a sunrise
Where I will be right there, sailing on the water
Like an ocean of memories that roll on the waves in your mind
Life’s not a straight line
But I will be with you wherever you may wander
I won’t leave you but I have to go
When my time has come

After the rain leaves you stumbling on
Home through the mud
Until you find all the pieces of you
Lost in the flood
Until you hear me
Over the sound of your blood
I’m calling you back to your home
And the ones that you love


12. Quand Mon Heure Est La (J.Lutes / MJ Poitras)

There is a house under silver-blue skies
On acres of gold
Where the river runs into the sea
At the end of the road
We will grow