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Jared's Music Biz Starter Kit™️


The music and productions I’ve created have won prestigious awards, sold thousands of CDs, heard on radio in several countries, and have been featured on major network television and film. Now, I’m putting my knowledge and skills to work for artists new to the game!

Unlike other studios that simply record your tunes and then send you on your way, my Starter Kit and the included Info Pack will also provide you with much of the information you’ll need to get started in your musical career! These are the same channels and tips that I still use myself!

And as a working, independent musician myself, no one understands better than I the importance of working within a reasonable budget while in the end releasing a product competitive enough to cut through the noise out there. That’s why all the productions that come through my door get the same intensive treatment as do my own mixes, and that’s why my prices are as reasonably-priced as possible. And truthfully, your success will be my success as well, so let’s just make some great music and get it out there ASAP!

When we’re finished you’ll have a 6-song EP (an “extended play” half-album) which should offer listeners a good representation of your sound and style, while still qualifying for most competition and award submissions. The best part is that you will retain 100% ownership of the recording (more on that in the Info Pack)!

Here’s what’s included in the Kit:




Pre-production refers to all the songwriting and planning that takes place before the actual recording. We’ll work together through each of your six songs, dealing with:

- Song critique and sketches (lyrics, form, genre, etc.)
- Writing collaboration (if you’re willing!)
- Scheduling for the entire project
- Arrangement and musician choices
- Getting to know your sound, your goals, and who you are as an artist




Tracking refers to the business of recording! This is how we typically approach it:

- Record your quick, guide vocal and instrument
- My package includes a standard Pop Band arrangement (drums, bass, electric/acoustic guitars, keys, background vocals). NOTE: Further instrumentation may incur additional costs. Later, I will add these band elements around your guide, featuring myself and other REAL musicians
- Then, have you return to my studio to record your own parts again until we get them just right!

Mixing & Mastering


Mixing and mastering consists of waving a magic wand and pushing a couple large buttons, and voila! No really, these processes are both art and science - where all of those separate tracks come together in perfect harmony using a delicate balance of effects, reverb, and automation. But your song will soon be ready for the world to hear!

But before I go and mix it down to mp3 though, I will host a “listening session” in my studio which will allow you and your close friends and family to hear the mix, and make any final suggestions and comments before it goes to print!

Graphic Design


Although I am certainly not a professional graphic designer, in the spirit of DIY I do often end up creating my own promotional materials and CD jackets. If you provide your own photographs or artwork, I can put together a very basic CD design at no extra cost. It is my goal, of course, to set you up with what you need to get started - and even a digital album needs a cover!

Starter Kit Info Pack


So the record is completed; everything sounds great, and you’re ready to launch! Before we part ways, however, I want to make sure that you have some of the tools and knowledge necessary to put your best foot forward. My Starter Kit Info Pack is comprised of entirely my own words, and is based on my own experiences of trial, error, and a little success. Hopefully you will advance quicker than I did - by taking some of my advice and knowledge into consideration during your own journey! So in addition to answering your questions as best I can during our time together, I will in the end provide you with a printed packet - briefly touching on such essential info as:

- Album release checklist
- Understanding your copyrights
- PRO’s and royalties 101
- Simple record-keeping for tax time
- Live performance tips
- Managers, publicists, and record companies
- Becoming objective and writing better songs
- Knowing your (niche) audience
- How to get digital distribution
- How (and if) to make CDs or vinyl for sale
- Taking care of your voice
- Branding yourself consistently
- Radio play (commercial, public, and Internet)
- If and where to pitch your music
- Sales and merchandising
- Avoiding the sharks
- The power (and necessity) of video
- Your local music community and collaboration
- Songwriting competitions and award submissions
- The right (and wrong) gigs to take
- Exclusive vs. non-exclusive licensing
- Your website and online presence
- Other tips for survival in the woods



Since I really want to focus on working and collaborating with new artists like you, I realize that your project will most likely be unfunded, and your budget tight. So I’ve worked out a flat fee that simply takes into account the session musician fees, as well as my own labour involved in consulting, advising, producing, engineering, performing, mixing, and managing your project from beginning to end. Add in the priceless information offered in my Info Pack, and you’ve got a value that you will not find anywhere else. In fact, many popular recording sites charge more than $1,000 PER SONG for BASIC production, and only work with you remotely (over the Internet and telephone), while offering little in the way of business advice after you obtain your completed tracks.

So right now you can take advantage of Jared’s Music Biz Starter Kit™️ and all the benefits listed above - for the one-time price of $1,899. But like I always advise: please do some shopping and homework before you rush into one option or another. You may even find a recording package that fits your needs better than mine. If you do decide to work with me, however, just send me a quick, introductory email at and let’s get started today!