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Moncton singer-songwriter finds success but stays connected to his roots

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Jared Lutes Bounces Back with new record...

Moncton's Jared Lutes remains one of the province's busiest musicians, working full-time on his career, playing all over all the time, numbering over a hundred gigs every year. You'll find him either solo or with his band always around the Moncton area, in Saint John or in Miramichi, or across the border in Truro, and that's just over the next couple of weeks. Since 2010, he's also been active in the recording scene, with a debut EP that year, and a full-length album called When We Grow Younger in 2012. His latest has just come out, another EP, this one with six tracks, called A Matter Of When.

Lutes has always been known for his roots-rock style, a variation of the heartland rock sound of Mellancamp, Springsteen and Seger. But with this new collection, he's grown as a writer, and a lot more of his personality has gone into the songs. Also, the sound has matured. Lead track I Am Overcome has a Celtic flavour to it, driven by the distinct mandolin playing of local bluegrass wiz Ray Legere. Rather than classic rock, it has a timeless quality to it, and sets a good tone for the new disc, something that says things have progressed for him. The title cut comes next, a warm ballad that shows off his mellow voice. Now we're into romantic territory, but with a question mark; there's been a fight, it's a crucial moment, will there be a future, or will this be the stuff of sad memories? It's a strong lyric, and certainly a different kind of love song.

There's a warmth to the acoustic numbers here, helped by the production and engineering skills Lutes has been working on the past couple of years. To get the right ambiance, he set up shop in Albert County's Parkindale Hall, to grab that rich natural reverb of an old sanctuary. The acoustic guitar is rich and close up in the mix, and Lutes' voice has a deep, warm quality to it. After the first half of the CD takes us in new directions, Lutes shows he's still connected to the pop-rock sound as well, with a couple of bright, uptempo numbers, Feel Your Love and Light My Way, showing he's still connected to that roots sound as well. Light My Way, especially, is one that could have come straight from Bob Seger's hit-making days, Lutes pulling double-duty by adding a killer organ line to the track, making it instantly memorable.

But really, the focus here is the new, stronger songwriting Lutes has developed of late. It's more of him, less of his influences, and a lot of soul has come out in the lyrics. All those gigs, all those kilometres and nights away from family have left their mark; he's drawn on his own experience, and become a better writer thanks to that. You can see him in concert Saturday at The Barrel's Head in Rothesay, and then a couple of Moncton dates, Cheers on March 29, and Casino New Brunswick on April 4.

Metro musical community tunes up to help charities...

It was only a little over a year ago that Moncton-based singer-songwriter Jared Lutes released his last record, When We Grow Younger. The 15 months since that record’s release have seen a flurry of activity for Jared. In addition to welcoming a little bundle of joy into the world, Jared has been performing virtually non-stop from one corner of the province to another.

His prolific live appearances have, perhaps not surprisingly, resulted in a wealth of new material being written. Jared has produced and recorded six of the tracks for a new EP, A Matter of When, to be released a little later this year. Stating that these newest songs are among the most introspective and personal that he has written, Jared feels good about where his music career is leading him.

“I’ve been writing with renewed vigour over this last year,” Jared says. “I truly feel as though this batch of six songs represents the best of that most recent crop of new material.

“All of the songs have been written over the course of the last 10 months and so they illustrate a succinct picture of where I am in music and life right now. Generally speaking, the songs describe themes of coming home from the road, working toward a better life, leaving the past behind, and the joys and anxieties of a growing family.”

When Jared’s new record will see release is another question. To help expedite the release of the record, Jared has launched a crowd-funding campaign with a rather modest goal of $1,000.

Crowd-funding campaigns tend to come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, the goals of any campaign are dictated by the resources already available versus what is needed. Campaigns launched by many other acts include all costs associated with making a record: the production, recording, post production and manufacturing.

With the luxury of recording at home on his side, the costs accumulated by Jared thus far for birthing A Matter of When have actually been relatively minimal. In fact, the $1,000 goal he has set is merely to cover the costs of manufacturing physical product to sell off stage.

Jared says he carefully weighed his options with respect to selling music digitally and selling physical product.

“A solely digital release would incur much less in the way of expenses. In my experience though, CD sales still comprise a significant amount of revenue for me. So it just makes sense that I would choose to go this route with my next release.

“Up to this point though, I have managed to pay every guest musician in full, struck generous commission deals with my own band, paid for many writing critiques and professional mix evaluations, and have covered studio time, gear and food whenever necessary. If I can keep this final packaging cost around $1,000, I will actually begin to turn a profit after about 200 units sold. Every detail of this process has been carefully weighed and considered. I do believe that I’m on the right track though.”

Naturally, Jared is appreciative of any and all donations that the public is willing to make towards helping him realize his next effort. Depending on the amount contributed, Jared has built-in “rewards” as a means of thanking those who care to donate their money. Items up for grabs include t-shirts, personal thanks and, of course, music.

“I think the biggest obstacle to motivating potential contributors is that they assume that crowd-funding is merely a charity drive. I feel that it is more accurately described as a ‘pre-sale’ – where fans put up cash for merchandise that will be available very soon. But of course the pre-sale has the added effect of getting the whole CD off the ground, while also generating some awareness around the artist and the product.”

To contribute to Jared’s crowd-funding campaign, visit Jared’s campaign in benefit of A Matter of When runs until Jan. 20.

Article published in the January 10, 2013 edition of the Times & Transcript

We have just been given a special listen to a new album by Canadian artist Jared Lutes. We will be adding a track from his new album into high rotation called Lionheart Soul. He has an amazing soulful voice and we can't wait to add more tracks when the new album is released.

Check out the new single below and if you like it, head over and support his crowd funding campaign to get the album finished. You won't be disappointed! Thanks for creating such a beautiful sound Jared.

To pre-purchase the album and other goodies - click here:

On June 4, Metro Moncton was shocked by the murder of RCMP constables Fabrice Gevaudan, Dave Ross and Doug Larche, each of whom gave their lives while helping to keep the citizens of Moncton safe.

This Saturday night, at Moncton’s Casino New Brunswick, some of the province’s most talented songwriters, singers and instrumentalists will come together to share songs and stories in a musical tribute to the fallen RCMP officers and their families. All proceeds from the show will be donated to the Moncton Fallen RCMP Members Fund.

Those performing at the event include Hubert Francis, internationally acclaimed fiddler Dominique Dupuis, folk-pop artist Andy Brown, Saint John’s Mike Biggar, Jared Lutes, eclectic world music duo Lovestorm, Mel & Tina, Jake Stewart, pop songwriter Shaun LeBlanc, Ivan Daigle and Kendra Gale. Nova Scotian indie-pop artist Joel Plaskett will also be performing.

Show organizer Jared Lutes says that the idea behind the show stemmed from a simple desire to bring the community together while also expressing gratitude to the members of RCMP and their families. He initially floated the idea of a benefit show on social media and before he knew it, was organizing that very event.

“As was the case with many other Monctonians, my family lived in the area that was known as the ‘lockdown zone,’ ” Lutes says. “The weekend immediately following the events of June 4, I posted that someone should consider organizing a benefit show for the fallen (RCMP) members and their families.”

Lutes says that his friend Terry Hume was thinking the very same thing and reached out to him about making such a show a reality. Together, they made it happen, and despite only having a few weeks to pull everything together, the various and necessary pieces of the puzzle fell into place rather quickly.

“We first reached out to Casino New Brunswick to see whether the pub or the events centre would be available for such an event. They immediately confirmed that the Events Centre was free and that they would provide the room and event staff as their contribution to the cause.”

In the week following, other local businesses stepped up to do their part. As the logistical side of the event came together, between 50 and 60 different music acts contacted Jared and expressed interest in being involved. And while Jared admits that he would have loved nothing more than to be able to accommodate everyone, the 12 acts featured in Saturday’s show represent the province’s cultural diversity.

“That was one of the most important aspects about putting together this show,” he says. “We wanted to have musical voices representing each of the province’s communities and I think we have done that with this lineup. “

Given the close-knit nature of the Atlantic provinces, when the opportunity to take part in Saturday’s show was presented to Nova Scotia’s Joel Plaskett, he didn’t hesitate.

“It was such a shattering event to everyone,” Plaskett says. “And while we’ve seen things like this the play out in different parts of the world, here it was happening in a town that, for all intents and purposes, was just down the road from me. It put Moncton on my mind in a big way.”

Plaskett says that he is hopeful that the concert can be seen as a celebration of community spirit.

“I am so incredibly honoured to be asked to take part in the concert. I am looking forward to being able to share some positive love songs with the people of Moncton.”

What: Moncton Cares: A Musical Tribute To The RCMP and Their Families
When: Saturday, June 28, 7 p.m.
Where: Casino New Brunswick, 21 Casino Dr., Moncton
Tickets begin at $20 however can also be obtained for $30, $40 and $50

With his positive new disc, it sounds like he's in a good place, both musically and personally.

What a fantastic show The Jared Lutes Band gave us at the The Superstore Bandstand! A band that pleases everyone is hard to find, but we found one with this group. Not only did the entire Audience love every minute you were on the stage, the Staff and crew really enjoyed working with you. Thanks, Jared and Marie for making our jobs easy, we are already looking forward to having you at the Atlantic Balloon Fiesta next year!

Moncton singer-songwriter Jared Lutes is no stranger to New Brunswick's audiences. The musician's newest record of original material sees him approach the art of the song with the same organic roots-influenced rock that John Mellencamp have done before him. Lutes proves himself a worthy heir to Mellencamp's throne, laying down some impressive guitar work on 'Stay Here Tonight' while leaning in a much more sentimental direction on the title track and 'Run Baby, Run."

Jared Lutes has an amazing voice that is comforting and soothing to the ears. This Singer/Songwriter writes beautiful lyrics that capture his crafty ability to transfer his words into music magic.

Jared is a very talented performer and has his audiences in the palm of his hand at his live performances. hits just waiting to be discovered.

Jared is a very talented singer/songwriter, and is heading to the bigtime.

I'm confident this guy is going places. You will be hearing lots from him, I guarantee.

You don't over-sing or push the emotional aspect of the songs, but just sing the songs as they are written with sincerity & your appealing voice.You don't over-sing or push the emotional aspect of the songs, but just sing the songs as they are written with sincerity & your appealing voice.

Lutes has a fantastic set of pipes and the quality of his music is at the top of the shelf in sound and production. His all around talent won him his place as our featured artist.

Jared Lutes consistently charms, wows and thrills his audience

I'm immediately attracted to the sound of your voice, which is incredibly relaxed and expressive.

These songs prove that you have some serious skills as a writer and performer.

It's impossible to miss how talented you are.

I think this song [Waiting on You] could even be recorded by a contemporary country artist and be a hit. If someone hasn't picked this one up yet...surely, they will soon.