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A 17-year veteran of the Maritime music scene; five solo records; multiple provincial and international awards and nominations; American movie & TV placements; his local cable show; 10,000s of streams, views, downloads, and CD sales; a stay-at-home dad of two budding musicians; solid Folk-Rock songs about the life and love we share.

A 17-year veteran of both stage and studio, I am Moncton, NB singer-songwriter Jared Lutes. With echoes of Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, and Blue Rodeo, my music can be tender and disarming, or hit hard with a rowdy rocking edge. With five albums to my credit, I have enjoyed airplay, interviews, and performances on radio and TV, appeared at many festival and conference showcases, hosted my own music events live and on TV, garnered regional and international awards, performed at hundreds of venues, and have sold thousands of CDs, mp3s and streams. My songs have also been featured on network television and in feature film. Appearing either solo or with the accomplished members of my band, I perform regularly at many public venues and private events in the Maritimes and beyond. And while I am a committed musician, I’m also a father of two small children, and married to a talented singer as well; family remains my first inspiration.

Finally taking control of my artistic vision in 2014, my latest and most successful recordings were produced on my own, in my modest home studio, featuring the performances of the best local players. Having battled with laryngitis, vocal cord surgery, muscle tension dysphonia, and tough life and family decisions, my resolve (or stubborness!) has only strengthened as I continue to pursue a musical career with full-time ambition!


Recent Honours:

- "I Am Overcome" featured in TV series Reign

- 2014 International Songwriting Competition Award

- 2014 MusicNB Nomination - Solo Recording of the Year

- 2014 MusicNB Nomination - Folk Recording of the Year

- 2014 MusicNB Nomination - Collaborative Musician of the Year

- 2015 Indie International Songwriting Competition Award - 1st Place in Country/Americana

- 2015 MusicNB Award - Solo Recording of the Year

- 2015 MusicNB Nomination - SOCAN Song of the Year

- 2015 MusicNB Nomination - Album of the Year

- 2015 MusicNB Nomination - Producer of the Year

- 2015 MusicNB Nomination - Folk Artist of the Year

- Moncton Headstart chooses "Lionheart Soul" as annual theme song

- 2015 SilverWave Film Festival Award - Music Video of the Year

- "I Am Overcome" featured in the film "Life at These Speeds"

- 2015 International Songwriting Competition Nomination x2

- 2016 Unsigned Only Music Competition Semi-Finalist

- "Through The Long Night" featured in TV series Rizzoli & Isles

- 2016 MusicNB Nomination - Producer of the Year

- 2015-16 Indie International Songwriting Competition Honorable Mention x2

- 2016 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist

- 2016 Canadian Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist

- "I Am Overcome" main theme title song in American film 1 Mile to You, released April, 2017

- The Rest of Your Life nominated - Akademia Music Awards 2016

- 2017 MusicNB Nominations: Producer of the Year, Song of the Year, Folk Artist of the Year

- 2017 Indie Songwriting Competition: 4x songs, including 2nd Place Rock Song for "Slow Burn"

- 2017 Winter Indie Songwriting Competition: 9th and 4th Place

- 2017/2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition: 2x semi-finalist

- 2017 International Songwriting Competition: semi-finalist

I've never been good at telling my own story, partly because I've never really sat down down and considered those key experiences that have shaped my character (and my music). In a nutshell, however, I am a small-town boy from the province of New Brunswick, in eastern Canada. I've always chased big-city opportunities, but I am comfortable in my humble surroundings. Although I managed to complete a Masters in History, making music was always the priority, and my education always took a back seat. When it came time to decide whether to pursue either a PhD, or a music career, I chose the latter. Even when the mountain of student debt begs me to get a real job in my field, I've finally decided to pursue my musical craft without compromise.

Don't get me wrong; I am far from certain about my abilities, or the feasibility about such a career, and I have often come close to giving up. What I am sure about, however, is that if I stick with it long enough, I will eventually connect musically with others who find meaning in my songs about family, career, relationships, and those moments of joy, anxiety, and disappointment that give meaning to everyday life. And although my young son has stirred new feelings of responsibility, his innocence and unwavering love has recently compelled me to write, record, perform, and succeed as a singer-songwriter. More than anyone, I want Isaiah to be proud of me.

I’ve always believed in the power of music. More specifically I believe in the ability of this medium to communicate messages and feelings that might not get expressed otherwise. I was a quiet, sensitive kid, with two younger brothers who always seemed to get all the attention - positive or otherwise. I, on the other hand, was the oldest, the one my parents didn’t seem to worry about as much. And it was true; although I didn’t have as many new things as my friends did, I could dream up dramatic stories using toy soldiers and Lego - occupying myself for hours.

Early on I found myself drawn to the sentimental ballads of the 1950’s and 60’s. You know the songs: “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” by BJ Thomas or “The Wanderer” by Dion. It was the stuff you’d find on those bargain compilation cassettes, and played on my coveted dual-deck mini boom-box (a gift from my aunt). These songs, sugary as they were, opened my mind to the bittersweet yet soothing quality of words and music.

My tastes soon matured, and I was collecting albums from the best: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, and early U2. Then, around my fourteenth birthday, my stepfather bought me an acoustic guitar. I had always tinkered with the old piano at my grandmothers house, but now I could learn (or attempt to anyway) my favourite Rock songs.

High school can be tough on those kids who keep to themselves, which was me to a tee. Music, creative writing, and computer games kept me occupied, and off the popular radar. Sure, I had my friends, but I rarely went out of my way to expand my social circle. I guess it was that fact more than anything that set me up for such heartache after a  series of family deaths and messy break-ups prematurely wrenched me into the reality of adulthood. My music, however, kept me from going over the deep end, and it was during this same period when I began writing songs for myself - clumsily attempting to convey my feelings in the same way as did those old crooners that I grew up listening to.

Fast forward to the present; I am a full-time entertainer and leader of a busy band, and with several CDs and awards to my credit. I am married to a wonderful and talented woman, and I’ve earned a Master’s degree and other academic accolades. Most of all, my young son has become the inspiration of my life. If anything encourages, motivates, or inspires me to write and succeed at the fickle business of music, it is him. As I watch him grow and change every day before my eyes, there is only one way I know of to express my wonderment, my pride, my anxiety, and my joy - through my songs - Isaiah’s songs - my beautiful boy....

Born and raised in Moncton, NB, and Learning the ropes in the local live circuit, Jared Lutes performs his marathon sets with an infectious enthusiasm for the music. This coupled with a penchant for songwriting and full-time ambition means that this Power-Pop troubadour and Master of Arts graduate is prepped to take on the world. Taking a cue from such alt-country folk-rockers as Blue Rodeo, Wilco, Bob Seger, The Tragically Hip, Bruce Springsteen, and The Band, Jared Lutes blends classic roots-rock rawness with modern adult-contemporary sophistication.

Now after ten years, 1,000 gigs, and several band CD's later, Jared Lutes has emerged as an experienced and driven solo artist. His first solo offering, 'Waiting on You', has been often featured on CBC Radio, earned him a live performance on ATV's 'Breakfast Television', a 'Discovery' showcase at the East Coast Music Awards, as well as opening for Quebec's 'Les Respectables'. And in less than a year from its release, nearly 500 CDs have been sold from stage alone. Jared's most ambitious album is set to be released in June, 2012.

    Before he kicked his career into full-time high-gear, there was ‘inTandem’ - which Jared describes as his 'proto-band'. After taking their busy karaoke business as far as it could go, Jared and his future wife Marie-Josée began performing together live in 2002. Appearing regularly as both a Duo and occasionally within their new 4-piece ensemble, the group criss-crossed New Brunswick, entertaining at clubs - from the renowned to the obscure - in every corner of the province. By 2004 the group had added countless fundraisers, weddings, and municipal celebrations to their resumé, and had earned funding and prizes in various competitions, including Choix de l’Acadie, and David Foster’s StarSearch. As early as 2005 the pair were earning a substantial living doing what they loved. This was also the period when both the band’s first original CD -  ‘The Arms of September’ - was recorded, and when the group was invited to contribute to the first of two milestone ‘Moncton Live’ compilation CD’s.

    By this time 'inTandem' had become a recognized name in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and the group added the provinces of PEI and Quebec to their resumé as well. The private bookings also increased to the point where the pair could now afford to appear at their most preferred of public venues. In 2006 Marie and Jared traveled to Quebec City to record a single-version of ‘On the Radio’, a song that had caught the attention of Naked Gun Studios. In 2007 Jared tackled both recording and production duties for the band’s next offering, ‘Indian Summer: A Collection’. Although the home-made effort failed to make headline news, it was, however, promoted and picked up by a handful of radio and internet stations as far away as California. Incidentally, much of this material would later serve as inspiration for Jared's first solo ‘Waiting on You’ EP, later released in 2010. During busy 2008 Jared also reached the regional finals of David Foster’s Ovation StarSearch. Then, in the summer of 2009, Marie and Jared welcomed baby Isaiah into their lives, which coincided with renewed creativity and determination, just as Jared embarked on his new musical path.

By 2010, Jared had released his first solo project, ‘Waiting on You’. The EP features a short representation of his best material in addition to some new songs influenced by baby Isaiah, not to mention increasing lengths of time spent on the road. Nearly 600 copies have been sold to-date at shows and online. New infusions of talent within the band have also increased the levels of creativity, professionalism, and word-of-mouth, as the band breaks new ground in the live circuit. Among the latest highlights have been several CBC features, a spot on Breakfast Television, opening for Montreal’s ‘Les Respectables’, and multiple showcases at East Coast Music Awards ’11 in Charlottetown, PEI. Marie-Josée still lends her voice to the mix as often as possible - especially for major private events and the old public mainstays.